I’ll Be Sleeping in My Own Bed Tonight

I’m sitting in the hotel in DC between sessions.  My flight home leaves later this afternoon.  It’ll be good to be in my own bed with my wife.  It’ll be good to see the dogs again.

My eating on this trip could have been better, but I still did much better than the old Dave that I used to be.  That Dave would have eaten several plates at each meal.  I generally had normal size meals.  I did have some unnecessary snacks.  I had a few beers.  I haven’t exercised at all.  I could have, there is a fitness center here.   I’ll still be eating lunch here, and probably getting something to eat at the airport, but I’ll keep it light.

I’ve been thinking a lot about re-focusing on the fitness and weight loss.  I have gotten fatter.  I hate having a gut that hangs over my belt.  At one point, I was well on my way to not having it.

There will (probably) be a fun bike ride tomorrow.  There will be drinking, so it’s not a healthy ride, but I will practice moderation and make the purpose of the ride social rather than enjoying too much food and beer.

After that, I’ll probably go some time without beer.  I also need to clean up my eating again.  I need to avoid ice cream completely.  During my weight loss, I was able to limit myself to a single scoop of ice cream.  Every time I’ve had ice cream recently, I’ve had entirely too much.  I’m not sure why I have less self-control than I use to.

EDIT: Nasty weather has cancelled my flight, and a bunch of others.  I’m stuck in DC for another night.   I really hate air travel.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Sleeping in My Own Bed Tonight”

  1. Glad you’re home, maybe it will be easier to focus on those kinds of issues now that you’re back.

    I need to work on restraint too. I don’t think I’ve gained weight, but I don’t think I’ve lost any either, and given the amount of riding I’ve done this year, that’s a little disturbing.

  2. Yes it would have been great to have you home tonight but one more day wont kill me. So what if the tables have turned and I’m the one sitting at home instead of you. Just think of this as getting your orders extended honey! ;>

  3. Ugh, I agree with you about air travel! Of course it’s a time-saver compared to driving, but it’s so uncomfortable.

    I can’t scoop myself a normal portion of ice cream either. What is saving me lately are Edy’s Slow-Churned (lower fat) single-serving cups. You can get them for a buck apiece at Jewel/Albertson’s. I have one every night after dinner, and savor it slowly. Instant portion control!

  4. “What is saving me lately are Edy’s Slow-Churned (lower fat) single-serving cups.”

    Amen! These are awesome. Around here, you can often find them at Kroger, Wal-Mart, or ValuMarket.

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