Getting Fatter?

I stopped weighing myself a while back.  My weight had been mostly holding steady, but I have noticed that my gut is bigger.  I think the lack of upper-body workouts in combination with poor eating is leading me to lose muscle and gain fat.  So, yes, sometimes the scale lies.

I’m sitting in the Louisville airport waiting to fly to DC via Cleveland.  I have a work-related conference to attend.  They will provide (too much) food.  I need to control my portion sizes.

I’m not bringing a bike with me.  Without riding, I should be able to get by with very little food.  When I get home I’ll concentrate on eating right again, re-start the food-diary (again), and start weighing myself again.  I’m also going to start using my dumbbells and doing push-ups.

The hotel I’ll be staying at has a fitness center, and I am bringing proper exercise attire, so I should be able to squeeze some time in on the weight machines.

My goal weight is still 175.  My lack of progress has been maddening and a bit depressing.  I’ve used being busy as an excuse to not eat right.  That needs to change.

3 thoughts on “Getting Fatter?”

  1. Mark,

    I’m enjoying the trip as much as possible for a conference. They are keeping us pretty busy. If I had a bike here, I’d have little time to ride it.

    There is plenty of food to be had, but I’m showing some self-control (for now).

  2. Whenever I hit a plateau or gain weight, I meditate on the progress that I’ve already made and that takes the edge off for me. It’s good to have goals, but always remember that even if you stay the same weight you’re better off than where you were before. Gaining 1 pound for the week doesn’t feel so bad when I remind myself that I’ve lost 60. Congrats on the folder bike btw. They’re super convenient to have around and a blast to ride. Wish mine had the rack like yours 🙂

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