Very Little Riding for the Weekend

I had a mostly enjoyable weekend, yet I only rode 3.5 miles.

I had been pushing myself to break a new record, and it just wasn’t fun anymore.  So, I didn’t ride, other than one trip to the pizza place and back.  I rode wearing normal clothes (it was a short ride), sandals (no clipless on the LHT), and <gasp!> with no helmet.  I actually intended to wear the helmet, but forgot it on the way out the door.  Once I was on the bike and realized it, and didn’t bother going back.

I did spend some time over the weekend getting a new home-theater PC up and running.  Now I can watch Doctor Who episodes (via iTunes) on the TV instead of the tiny laptop screen.

I also spent some time watching the TV.  I have a weird relationship with TV.  I hate the normal crap.  I don’t have cable.  I rarely watch TV, but then some particular show will come out that I’ll purchase on iTunes, and I’ll spend entirely too much time with it.  Right now, that would be season 5 of Doctor Who.

I’m back on the bike today.  I rode to work, with a full coffee pot strapped to the rear rack.  I need to buy a large thermos.

5 thoughts on “Very Little Riding for the Weekend”

  1. You are cracking me up! A coffee pot strapped to the back of your bike? ha ha!

    We don’t have cable, either. I thought we were the only household in America that didn’t have it, but now I am pleased to see that there is indeed someone else around who isn’t a slave to what’s on tv. When we do watch tv, we mostly watch PBS, especially Nova, Nature and Frontline.

  2. It has been a while, thought I would check in.

    Great to see you are still riding so many miles!

    I won’t say how often I have NOT been on my bike…

    Great reports.

    We sent our cable packing a couple years ago, I’m a free TV only kind of guy, we need to start a club.

  3. After failing to find a large thermos locally, I ordered one from Amazon. The coffee pot wasn’t totally spill-proof, so this should be an improvement. 🙂

    I’ve had several periods where I didn’t watch TV, each of several months in length. I could give it up entirely, and I would read more books. My wife, on the other hand, really likes the occasional TV show.

    Free TV club? Are there dues? 🙂

  4. We’re the same way — no cable, but we make good use of Netflix (for both movies and TV shows), and own DVD sets of some of our favorite shows. We don’t watch a LOT of TV, but it’s very nice to be able to follow entire series of shows when we feel so inclined, in order, at our own pace, with no commercials or scheduling conflicts.

  5. TV? Ha!

    When I moved out of Mom’s house in ’84, I didn’t have the money for a TV set. I got used to having a library a short distance away, listening to the radio/turntable/tape player, and the like. When I finally had the money to buy a TV set, I had higher priorities (at various times over the years: bike parts, car parts, a canoe, different bike parts, rock climbing gear, camera gear, a computer, other bike parts, a bike–any trends developing here?).

    I don’t really miss TV. It’s kind of nice not having one.

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