When I went back to work on Tuesday, I had to be in at 5:00 a.m.  I left the house on the LHT at 3:00 a.m. to ensure I had plenty of time.

I felt strong, and arrived at 4:05 a.m.  I had plenty of time to prepare for a busy day.   I was able to leave work early, but my pace on the way home was slower.

I’m having comfort issues on the LHT.  I’m going to have to schedule a fit with Bluegrass Bicycle.  My left hand goes numb while riding, and often stays that way for a while.  I’m hoping I haven’t already done nerve damage.

I’ve decided to stick to riding the recumbent in the meantime.  I didn’t ride Wednesday because I overslept (story of my life…).

Today was interesting.  I rode the recumbent to work this morning.  Had a stressful, busy day at work.  Left work at 5:00 and met up with Tim.  He was riding his ‘bent, so we rode together around Louisville for about 17 miles.  There was some light rain and lightning in the distance, which just made it a bit more interesting.

We parted ways, and I rode home.  So, in addition to a busy day at work, I put over 53 miles in.  That made the day much better than it would have been otherwise.  It was also fun to see Tim on his ‘bent.

Shortly after parting ways with Tim, and heading down Main Street downtown, I saw David Morse from CART photographing closed sidewalks, and planning a protest for the poorly managed manner in which it is done.  I may have to spend my lunch hour with them tomorrow.  🙂