Back on the Bike!

Along the Levee Trail
Along the Levee Trail

The worst part of being sick may have been staying off the bike.  Now that I’m better, I’ve been riding.

The weather has been very warm recently.  We’ve had two heat waves with highs in the 90s pretty much every day.  There was a break between the heat waves, but that’s when I was sick and not riding.


On Saturday I met up with Tim for a mostly urban ride around Louisville.  We did spend some time on the Levee Trail, including a portion that appears to be new, and not yet open.  We ended up with 57.1 miles.


On Sunday, Tim came to my place for a hillier ride.  We planned 35 miles, but he had mechanical issues that caused us to abort the ride at 13.9 miles.  That was a bummer.

I spent a few hours being slightly depressed and even took a nap.  I could have been productive and mowed the lawn, but I didn’t.

Once evening came, I knew I needed to ride.  I hopped on the LHT and headed toward Louisville without really having a plan.  Sunday was the 4th, so the sound of fireworks was never far away.

Once I got to Louisville I basically rode toward the airport.  I’m not sure why.  I eventually stopped and sent a text to Tim.  He was at the waterfront with his family enjoying a concert and waiting for the fireworks.

I headed to the riverfront and used the free valet bike parking provided by Bicycling For Louisville.  I crashed Tim’s party (sorry Tim!) and hung out with he and his family for the last of the concert and the fireworks.

I rode home in the dark (with my great lights!) stopping at Waffle House for “bike fuel”.  My total mileage for that ride was 43.8.


I had Monday off of work for the holiday.  I again rode with Tim where he hoped to stop at a number of nature preserves.  We did indeed do that, but anyone who rides with Tim knows that he often makes the route up along the way.  We rode off-road some on our LHTs.

At 38.3 miles, this wasn’t a really long ride, but with the heat and the off-road stretches it was tiring.  It was a good ride and well worth it.


I intend to ride to work tomorrow, however I need to be there at 5:00 am, so I plan to leave by 3:00 am.  Ugh.  I really want to set a new mileage record for the month, so on the bike I go.

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