Feverish Writing

I’m taking the recommended medications, but I feel shaky, weak, and feverish.  This really sucks.  Swallowing (even my own saliva) is torture.  I’ve had strep throat before, but I don’t remember it being this bad.

I’ve been unable to sleep much at all.  I ate very little yesterday, and limited myself to soup, ice cream, and popsicles today.

This damn bacteria set up shop in the back of my throat and is trying to poison me.  In addition, my own body is making me miserable while fighting the bacteria.

I felt better mentally after finding out that this was strep, and having a plan to get rid of it.  Now I’ve been suffering with it long enough that it’s affecting my mood badly.

The thought of riding my bike is comical.  I don’t even want to step outside.  Actually, I’d rather not be inside either.  I want to be able to sleep through this.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, and I’ll quit whining.

4 thoughts on “Feverish Writing”

  1. I’ll be home Wednesday to help take care of you but hopefully you’ll be feeling at least a little better by then! Take care honey! Love you!

  2. Oh man, I am so sorry! I come down with strep every few years, and it is so damned painful. You really do hate to swallow. One good thing is that I usually start to feel better very quickly after starting the antibiotics, so I hope you are starting to feel better already. Hang in there!

  3. Feel free to whine all you need. and moan. and grunt. and sigh. and whimper. do it all if it means you feel better soon. so you can ride.

  4. David, I got your email Saturday alerting me that you had gotten sick. Sick SUCKS.

    Get better fast, enjoy having Kristy home with you when she gets there, and stay off that bike for another day or two so you can ride more enjoyably when you do get back on.

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