Strange Moods and Riding a Bike

I had a wonderful time on my Monday and Tuesday adventure.  I was quite sore on Wednesday, so I drove to work.

Today, I forced myself to get on the bike.  Once I was rolling, it was worth it.  I took the recently re-opened Waterline Rd on my ride to work.  It’s a peaceful wooded stretch of road and I rarely see a car.  I did see two turtles on the road.

I wasn’t feeling up to riding home after work, but I really didn’t have good options.  Traffic was bad.  Drivers were rude.  I really felt for a while that the world isn’t meant for people anymore, but instead is made for cars.

I pulled into a parking lot, walked over to some grass, and just sat down and enjoyed the feel of the grass.  I was a bit farther from the road now, so the traffic noise was more distant.  I thought about napping, but figured it would be a bad idea.  After drinking some water and reflecting on where I’ve been recently, I suddenly felt much better.

I hopped on the bike and the rest of the ride home was awesome.

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