Wet Monday Commute

I rode the ‘bent for comfort today.  I’ve been neglecting that poor bike, so Oria will be my commuter of choice for the week.

I was caught in a sudden but brief downpour.  This picture was taken after the rain subsided.  It’s 94 degrees and sunny as I write this.  There is the possibility of severe weather.  Hopefully I’ll make it home first.

4 thoughts on “Wet Monday Commute”

  1. I think we’ve missed most of the storms here. I was expecting another last night, but nothing woke me up, and the ground is dry.

    I enjoy riding in the rain occasionally, but strong wind and lightning do bother me. 🙂

  2. Wow, gorgeous shot. Glad you survived the lightning! It was pretty intense for a while last night.

    I hope the weather improves soon — the between-storms mugginess is what gets me!

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