Top Months for Bike Miles

I was really surprised when I took the time to figure out which months I did the most riding in.  Here are the top five, sort by miles.

Month Miles
2008-08 626.8
2010-03 574.9
2009-06 542.2
2009-05 452.0
2009-11 443.9

I knew that March of this year was good.  I assumed it was a new record.  I had no idea that I did more miles in August of 2008.  I had only been riding a few months when I set my record.

I’m hoping to blow that record away this month.  If I keep up the pace that I’ve been doing, I should have 800 miles for the month.  We’ll see.

My commuting bike for this week will be Oria, my recumbent.  I’ve got some “butt issues” that need to heal, so comfort is the word.