Enjoyed a Non-Productive Day

I overslept and drove to work.  That’s probably for the best, I would have been caught in the end of a thunderstorm if I had ridden my bike.

I ate too much today.  I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  I cooked steak for dinner, but I feel good, and I think it was worth it.

I’ve been busy with little things.  I’m still setting up my new work laptop.  I’m doing the bills.

I’m in a good mood even though I haven’t ridden today.  Maybe I just needed the break.  I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow… probably in the rain.

4 thoughts on “Enjoyed a Non-Productive Day”

  1. You mentioned eating more today than you should, and I’m curious about something.

    Since I kind of had an altercation with a lamp post and haven’t been riding for a week or so while the soft tissue damage sorts itself, I’ve noticed that I’ve been really hungry.

    Except after long rides, when I suddenly want to eat everything in a 3-mile radius and then go out for dessert, I’ve noticed that I feel hungrier on days that I don’t ride.

    Do you run into the same sort of thing at all?

  2. BTW, I think my comment is meant to imply that I am inclined to eat too much on days I don’t ride. I don’t think I made that clear 🙂

  3. Asher,

    I’m often not hungry immediately after riding home from work. I think the exercise kills the appetite. I’ll be hungry a couple of hours later though.

    If I don’t ride, then I’m hungry when I get home. There may be some merit to that.

    That said, I’m seriously consuming some pizza and beer tonight after riding home from work to prepare for my first-ever century ride tomorrow.

    Be safe, watch out for the lamp posts.

  4. LOL, thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for those lamp posts. They’re pretty tough customers.

    Thanks also for answering my question. It sounds like our appetite behaves kind of similarly to mine.

    I’m curious now. I think I’m going to poll all the cyclists I know about this.

    Good luck on your century! Sounds like an awesome carb-loading plan.

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