New Food Diary

I used to track calories, but figuring out how many calories were in everything I ate took some time and guesswork.  I quit doing it due to the hassle and began to gain weight.

I’ve started a “food diary” now that doesn’t involve calories.  It’s simply a list of everything I’ve eaten.  I can look back at previous days and determine what I did wrong and what I did right.  It’s just a tool for me to keep track.  Unlike calorie counting it doesn’t give me a goal, just a reminder.

Here are the first two days of the food diary:

6/1/2010 Breakfast shredded wheat w/milk
Lunch turkey sandwich w/cheese
3 boiled eggs
2 string cheese
blueberry bread
Snack frozen coffee treat
Dinner t-bone steak
6/2/2010 Breakfast grape nuts w/ milk
Lunch 2 boiled eggs
2 string cheese
turkey sandwich w/cheese
Dinner peanut butter sandwich

Yeah, I’ve been eating a little weird.  I really need to visit the grocery store soon or it’ll get even weirder.

I did ride my bike to work today, for a round trip of 34 miles.  June is off to a good start.

4 thoughts on “New Food Diary”

  1. It’s a great idea to keep a food log. Everything I have ever read about weight loss has said that you should write down what you eat to keep yourself accountable.

    p.s. — where are your veggies? You need some green stuff!

  2. I used to, but had to put more time into it due to counting calories. This is simpler.

    The veggies are still at the store. I told you I needed to go! 🙂

  3. Your diet doesn’t sound too weird to me, but maybe that’s because I need to hit the store, too 😀

    Now you’ve gone and inspired me to get back to food logging. The internet is awful like that; I just can’t handle the peer pressure!

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