After my post on Thursday, my mood lifted dramatically.  I had ridden to work, then rode home later.  I rode a partial commute on Friday.  I managed to get over 40 miles in on Saturday also.

I talked to Michael about riding with him in the Bloomington area.  He was happy to host a ride.  We did about 63 miles over some nice terrain.  It was hilly enough to keep it interesting, but not so hilly as to totally kill me.

I want to thank Michael for hosting the great ride and planning the route.  I’d like to thank his wife for feeding us lunch.  So, thanks!

I didn’t get very many good pictures, but I’ve posted a few of what I have below.

Although I didn’t ride today, Memorial Day, I had plenty of other activities to keep my busy.  My mood has brightened greatly since early last week.

3 thoughts on “Recovery”

  1. Great writeup and photos! I wrote up the ride on my blog, too. I might borrow the shot you took of me for my site, if you don’t mind.

    Thanks for coming up to ride. You’re welcome any time.

  2. Nice pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful day for a long ride. I’m glad you’re feeling better — it looks like the exercise really helps ease your depression. That’s a great reward!

  3. Apertome,
    It was a wonderful ride, and topped off my weekend nicely!

    It was a beautiful, if slightly hot, day. We went through a lot of water. 🙂

    I am feeling better. I’m not sure if it’s the exercise, or something else, but I won’t complain.

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