I’m Still Around

I want to thank everyone for the positive comments on the last post.  Things have been rough, but it’s possible my depression is due to a medication I take.  I’ll be talking to my doctor about it soon.

Motivation to do much of anything has been hard to come by.  I haven’t ridden to work yet this week, or last week.  I did go to work, but I drove, and even that was a challenge to push myself out the door.

I had intended to ride today.  The weather has been beautiful.

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Around”

  1. I have fought depression several times over the years. It sucks. You. In.

    Keep working at it. It’s hard to figure what triggers an episode for me, so I finally quit trying to figure that out and just dealt with working my way out of the depths. Hearing platitudes about how well life is going for you (you have a wonderful wife, a better-than-many-have job, etc……) doesn’t help any.

    I’ve chosen to not be depressed that my May bike mileage will be less than my March mileage. My June bike miles will probably be even worse than my February mileage.

    Best results, my friend.

  2. Thanks Tom.

    I even managed to ride to work today. I feel better right now, but that’s probably the endorphin buzz. 🙂

    I haven’t changed clothes yet. I’m actually sitting at my desk still wearing my helmet. Why yes, I am a dork.

    Okay, time for work.

  3. Why thank you Tom for agreeing that I am a wonderful wife! Talking to my loving hubby as I type this! and yes focusing on getting out of the mire is the best way to start…

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