DC Update

I’m still in DC.  I’ll be headed back tomorrow.

I did visit a bike shop on Saturday, but I was just looking around.  I have done some walking.  “Playing pedestrian” is a nice change of pace.

Kristy and I drove the rental car from Herndon to DC and back yesterday.  Parking in DC itself is crazy.  I would have rather been on a bike.

After eating entirely too much on Saturday and hating myself for it, I ate better yesterday.  It’s still early today, but I’m determined to get my eating back under control, whether or not I’m traveling.  I haven’t weighed myself since April 1st, and I’m a little scared to step on a scale again.  I will weigh myself on June 1st, but not before.

That said, I am enjoying playing tourist and spending time with my wife.  I fly out tomorrow morning, and will spending some time at the Detroit airport.  If I can avoid some of the food, and concentrate on just getting home, that will help.