Vacation is Over

Okay, I’ve been back at work since Tuesday, but I’ve been awful busy.  I thought I’d post some pictures and diet updates.

Diet Progress

I haven’t been watching what I eat or weighing myself.  I’m taking a break from the weighing and trying to focus my energies elsewhere.

I ate what I wanted on vacation, and have pretty much kept doing that in the few days I’ve been home.  Losing weight is still important to me.  I just need to focus on it again.


I rode a little over 45 miles on vacation.  Thursday of last week was a short but hilly ride.  Sunday was about 25 miles and several thousand feet of climbing.  I think I prefer riding in the mountains over really flat terrain  such as I did in Florida in September.  On Monday on the return trip I rode down the mountains from the highest point of highway 442 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park down to Gatlinburg.  That was a fast 15-mile ride.

My wife dropped my bike and I off at work on Tuesday, and picked me up after a partial ride home.  I was too tired to continue.  Wednesday I rode my recumbent to work and back.  It felt good to be a bike commuter again.  Today, I overslept and my wife dropped the bike and I off at work again.  I intend to ride the whole distance home this time.

Vacation Pictures

I took a lot of photographs on vacation.  I’ll just share a few.

The mountains are quite lovely.

We went canoeing on the New River outside of Boone NC.

Mountains in the evening are great for photographs.

Riding in the mountains is challenging but rewarding.

I rode through the (former?) town of Pyatte.

This was a very picturesque area that I wasn’t able to explore by bike, but was driving.  If I ever go back to the area I will ride there.  Steep gravel roads with switchbacks and stunning views.

Kristy and I took a helicopter ride on the way home.

Sometimes I’m a geek on a bike.  Other times I’m a geek in a helicopter.  🙂

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  1. Great pictures! I’m glad you guys had a good time. I just love that part of the country, and it looks beautiful in spring. Dan and I vacationed there in October a few years back, and that was beautiful too. Smoky Mountains National Park is so cool, we had fun camping there.

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