Too Much to Say!

I haven’t been posting much recently, but life has been busy, and I’ve got a few things to post about.

Weight and Diet

I haven’t been tracking my eating or weight since I got back from DC.  I’m trying to concentrate less on that, and spend more time enjoying life.  Practicing moderation is still hard for me.


I’m still riding a fair amount.  I went on a 50-mile mixed-terrain ride with Tim on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day in a beautiful area.  See a few pictures below.  Also check out Tim’s post with pictures.  Yes, there was a stream crossing.  Yes, there was an off-road section.  Yes, we were both riding LHTs.

I didn’t ride to work on Monday, but I did ride on Tuesday.  My wife picked me up from work on Tuesday, so my mileage isn’t quite where it should be.


While I was standing outside work waiting for my wife to pick me up yesterday, Adam approached me about my Surly LHT.  He apparently has been, or still is, bicycle touring across the U.S.  I didn’t have enough time to find out the details, but we talked bikes for a few minutes.  He’s touring with Dwight, and they are documenting their travels online.  It seems they haven’t updated the blog since last month though.


My wife and I are leaving today for a vacation in the mountains of North Carolina.  We’ll be bringing bicycles, but that’s not really the point of the vacation.  With luck I won’t have cell reception.  🙂

My daughter will stay home to take care of the dogs and go to school, so this should be a really low-stress vacation.  I’m looking forward to it.


When I initially lost a lot of weight it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.  Unfortunately, that fades over time.  I’ve been fighting with depression again.  I’m not sure of the best way to deal with it.  I’m not a believer in medicating for it.  Writing about what I’ve done and where I’m heading is probably the best tool I have to keep the depression at bay.  I do have to say that today is much better than yesterday.


Enjoy!  I did.

2 thoughts on “Too Much to Say!”

  1. Maybe more gnarly mixed-terrain will brighten the spirits. I think sunshine might have as great an effect as anything else. On the contrary, 5m climbs in NC might make you miserable. =)

  2. I *will* get more mixed-terrain action in. I already have some here in NC.

    The 5.5 miles climb was on the Blueridge Parkway. It was long but not horribly steep. It was followed by a 4 mile descent at much faster speeds. 🙂

    I’m planning another ride tomorrow on a wonderful mountain gravel road with switchbacks! I’ll take pictures and post here.

    Internet access is limited, as we have to drive to a place with wi-fi.

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