I Have a Cargo Bike

This post is directed at Tim, who told me I need to get a cargo bike.  I needed gas for my mower and trimmer today, so I rode to the gas station to get it.  $10 worth of gas, no problem.  It wasn’t a long ride, but I did get a few weird looks.

The picture below was taken after work yesterday.  I needed to ride from work in Downtown Louisville to Feeder’s Supply in Clarksville.  I let Google Maps give me bicycling directions, and I discovered the pedestrian/bike bridge over Browns Station Way.

The path is a bit overgrown, and the bridge a bit worn looking, but it worked well.

Also on the topic of cargo bikes, back in December 2008 I hauled home a fair amount of groceries on Nermal.  I’ve also used the front rack on my LHT to haul a propane tank, but I don’t have pictures of that.

3 thoughts on “I Have a Cargo Bike”

  1. I used to use that bike/ped bridge fairly often when I worked in N’Awb’ny. My work-bound decision was usually based on whether the light on Harrison (I think) intersection with Brown Station had gone green recently (that red took a LONG time, especially since it didn’t recognize a bicycle). On the way home, it was more a flip of a mental coin decision.

    Yes, I could steer the Ryan through the cutbacks under power.

  2. OK Dave, I stand corrected. You’ve adequately adapted for your cargo purposes several times, and many more to come. Would you like a cargo bike? Yes, you would.

    As for the pass-over, I found that on a ride back from C’Ville after buying my Lazer commuter helmet (that Tom inspired me to purchase).

  3. That would be the Lazer helmet that you could have bought from me at Bluegrass Bicycle but bought somewhere else, right, Tim? 😉

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