LHT Updates

I bought a few new parts for the LHT, and installed them early Tuesday morning before riding to work.  I took the pictures below on my morning commute.

I still haven’t named this bike.  It’s beginning to bother me.  🙂

Changes are:

  • New stem with different angle to get the handlebars a bit higher – this makes the bike much more comfortable for me
  • Schwalbe Marathon tires in 700×40 (42-622) – The old front tire is a foldable Continental Contact, and is now folded up and stored in the bottom of a pannier as a spare.
  • Chainstay mounted kickstand
  • MKS touring pedals

Everything above came from Bluegrass Bicycle except the pedals, which I ordered from Velo-Orange.


I immensely enjoyed Tuesday’s commute, but unfortunately overslept today and drove to work.

2 thoughts on “LHT Updates”

  1. Your LHT looks great! SOme nice upgrades. You may have talked about this before, but I can’t remember: what’s the light you’re using? Do you like it?

  2. Thanks!

    The headlight is the Dinotte 600L. I’m also running a Dinotte 140L tail light.

    I love the lights, but they are battery operated. I’m really wanting a hub dynamo. That will mean a bit less brightness from the headlight, unless I shell out the money for the Supernova E3 Triple headlight.

    I already have a lot of money into the lighting system I have here, but I bought it back in the Fall of 2008 and was unaware of hub dynamos at the time.

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