What a Wonderful Week

Last week had incredibly nice weather.  Once I realized just how nice it was going to be, I was determined to ride to work every day.  I didn’t quite achieve that goal.  I rode three days, including taking the long way most days.  I managed to turn a 33-mile round-trip into a 44-mile round-trip.

Sunrise over the Ohio River

It was still quite cool each morning, but the evening ride was much warmer.  Sunny skies were the norm (although I did get a few raindrops on Monday).

Evening Trucker

My new favorite route to work is more pleasant, but longer and hillier.  I no longer have to ride the shoulder of a four-lane divided highway.  My average speed to work remains the same, but my max speed is higher due to 35+ mph downhills.  That is usually followed by a 6 mph uphill.  🙂

Once I make it to the Ohio River, the route is mostly flat, but the view is nice.

Signs of Spring