Not Wasting the Week

My weight has been just under 200 lbs all this week so far.  I started off not riding my bike to work, although I did ride the 56 miles on the Sunday RCCS ride.

On Wednesday, I was ready to ride.  I took the long way to work wandering down Waterline Road, through Utica, along the river.  I took a mostly normal route home, with a total for the day of 37 miles.

Today, I didn’t ride to work.  I took Nermal to work to use as “lunch ride” bike on days that I don’t ride to work.  I figured it wouldn’t get any use this week, as the weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms.

We had beautiful weather in the early afternoon.  The roads were even dry (good thing too, Nermal is running without fenders right now).  Patrick, who has joined us on a couple of RCCS rides met up with me downtown, and we rode through Old Louisville and The Highlands, before parting ways, and each getting back to our duties.  That was a nice 13-mile spin.

Tomorrow I’m attending a Norah Jones concert with my daughter.  Riding my bike to work is not really in the cards.  So, I took a 19-mile night-time ride now.  I may do another one tomorrow night after the concert.

2 thoughts on “Not Wasting the Week”

  1. While you were at Norah Jones, I was at Joan Rivers at the Horseshoe. How was the show?

    Maybe a lunch ride this week?

  2. The show was quite good. The sound equipment could have used a little tweaking, but Norah was great.

    I’m up for a lunch ride. I’m trying to ride to work every day this week. Succeeding so far.

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