What? No Bike Commuting?

This is the warmest week yet this year, yet I’m not really planning on riding my bike to work.  What gives?

I usually enjoy the ride into work, but the ride home is always slower and less enjoyable.  I still don’t know entirely why.  I’ve decided to mix up the schedule up a bit.

Today, I rode my 11-mile loop when I got home.  The route consists of beautiful country roads will very little traffic.  The sun was going down, and it was a pleasurable way to wind down after work before having to wash dishes.

I’m planning on getting up early in the morning, and doing that same 11-mile loop.  Then I’ll shower and head to work.

So, the plan is to ride two 11-mile rides per day for the week.  I only did one today, but that’s okay, this plan wasn’t formulated until this afternoon.

7 thoughts on “What? No Bike Commuting?”

  1. You are NOT a morning person! Hope you feel better and try again tomorrow! Love you!

  2. Maybe the answer is getting more creative with my commute. I did ride in today. I also took the long way. The route is 20 miles, but with a lot of low-traffic roads.

  3. Dave,
    If you want to get a lunch spin in this week, let me know. I could meet you downtown and we could roll for 10 or 15. I guess I have in my head that you work downtown. Why on earth would I make that assumption?

  4. Didn’t you just say you weren’t going to be riding to work this week? Yikes, I don’t pay very close attention. Sorry. 🙂

  5. Patrick, I do work downtown. I even rode to work today, but it’s a bit late for lunch now. 🙂

    I’m planning on bringing my old hybrid and leaving it here, so that I’ll have a bike here even on days that I drive.

    If I drive tomorrow, I’ll bring that bike.

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