Beautiful Weather – Day 2

The RCCS held a ride today titled “Gone With Thee Old Man Winter”.  I’m hoping we’re not jinxing the nice weather we had this weekend.  I’d hate to put the studded tires back on.

Four of us arrived in Edwardsville for ride.  Tim, Dominic, Patrick, and I were prepared for a chilly day, as the temperature was barely above freezing at the ride start.

As we headed toward New Middletown we ran across several members of the Louisville Bicycle Club, and they were moving quite fast.  It turns out they were running time trials.  One of them was Dale, who used to ride with us occasionally, until he preferred riding faster.  As we got into New Middletown we talked to a few more LBC members including Chaz, Tom, and Jen.

As the ride progressed we needed to shed clothing due to warmer temperatures, and actual sunlight!  I know, it was sunny yesterday, but after months of dreariness, this weekend is wonderful.  The temperature topped out in the low 60s.

We went a little off-route, so the total mileage was about 56.  This was probably the best ride I’ve had this year.  The New Year’s Day ride was nice also, but was much colder.

I was also in a cheerful mood because my weight had dropped below 200 lbs as of this morning.  We’ll see if that trend continues.

I rode 126 miles this week.  That’s my highest mileage week this year.  I’m hoping to start next week off with a full commute to work tomorrow morning.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Weather – Day 2”

  1. nice job on weight. it’ll be fun to check the scales tomorrow morning after the effort today. Makes me want to go out and do it again tomorrow, maybe on same roads. that route was a keeper!

  2. Thank you to both of you. My weight is still under 200… for now. 🙂

    Once you’ve had time to heal, we’ll need to have a ride in the Bloomington area.

    Tim, Could our century idea take place in the same general area as yesterday’s ride?

  3. I’m very up for a century in that area. It’s riding heaven. You wanna work on a route or me?

  4. just thought that we could start in new albany, get the Edwardsville climb out of the way and head country. i’m gonna play with that.

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