Beautiful Weather

After a protracted winter, we are finally having some nice weather.  Today hit about 50F with clear skies.

Beautiful day!

I had intended to get up early for a ride, but caught up on my sleep instead.  I did get out in the afternoon and took Oria, my recumbent out for an 11-mile spin.  I hadn’t had this bike out since November, but the comfort is amazing.  Any thoughts I’ve had of selling this bike have been quelled.

The wonderfully comfortable ‘bent

I have a temporary replacement shifter on the LHT.  The original is being replaced under warranty, but I needed something to use all of my gears for tomorrow’s RCCS ride.  On Your Left Cycles hooked me up with another shifter that works well enough.

I had also been playing with saddle set-back and tilt to try to make the bike more comfortable.  I took a second ride on my 11-mile loop on the LHT to make sure I would be comfortable for the RCCS ride, and that the shifter would work properly.

By the time I got out the door for the second ride, the sun was lower and the air a bit chillier, but my single layer of clothing was enough.

It’s getting late

Comparing the two bikes is interesting.  I was slightly faster on the recumbent.  My top speed was 42.2, my average speed was 13.9.  On the LHT my top speed was 40.0, and my average 13.4.  The strange thing is that riding the LHT just felt easier.  Yes, the ‘bent was more comfortable, but it can be a bit ungainly starting off.  It’s harder to keep it under control at really low speed.  On the other hand, the ‘bent was much more stable feeling at high speed.  The LHT made me feel as if I could go over the handlebars at any second while flying down the hill at 40 mph.

LHT and sunlight

I love both of the bikes, but for different reasons.  I’ll be on the LHT for tomorrow’s ride.