Two Weeks?

I haven’t posted in two weeks.  What happened?

I’ve been busy.  Some of it was necessary, some of it was fun.  I’ve been riding, but not quite enough.  I’ve been following my paleodiet a bit better.  I’ve  been losing weight.

The RCCS had a another coffee ride last Sunday.  It was a lot of fun.  Due to scheduling issues, we didn’t have one today.

Tim got a new bike.  It’s a Kona Ute, a cargo bike.  I have no real need for a cargo bike.  If I get a trailer, I’ll have even less need for a cargo bike, but I really like his Ute.

My daughter got a Nook.  I got studded tires for my bike.  Winter still won’t go away.

A shifter on my new LHT broke.  On Your Left Cycles has ordered a new one for me, and fixed up the existing one well enough to have most of my gears.

I’ve order some slightly wider tires for my LHT.  I should have them by Wednesday.  There as wide as I dare go for enough clearance between tire and fender.  (42-622 Continental Contact).

I’ve been under a fair amount of stress.  I’m trying to teach my daughter to drive, but her attitude has made that difficult.

The stress makes me want to eat poorly.  I’ve been doing pretty good at avoiding that for the most part.

With my weight hovering right around 200 I’m trying to push it under that 200 lb mark.  I know that’s just an arbitrary number with no real meaning, but it does have a psychological meaning to me.  My goal weight of 175 is also just another arbitrary number.

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks?”

  1. 1. didn’t know shifter broke. what happened? event? decay? bad luck?

    2. interesting you ordered more Conti Contacts. Surprised you didn’t go for a wide Schwalbe.

    3. Stress- I feel ya

    4. Gonna try to test “cargo” Ute on Thursday. I can commute M and W, but no need for big cargo until then. I need to put a little bit of time in to practice packing and distributing weight. I’m not much of a scientest

  2. 1. It broke Saturday, I was on a quick morning ride. It is apparently a common problem. Shimano is shipping out a new one.

    2. The 42×622 (700x40c) is about as wide as I should go. Any wider and I’ll have clearance issues with the fenders. Pebbles and rocks between the fender and tire would be annoying. As far as the Contis, I was already at OYLC and they don’t do Schwalbe. Both are good tires.

    3. Blah!

    4. I figured you’d be riding the Ute whenever you can this week, being it’s still a new bike and all. So what bike did you ride?

  3. Oh Dave, even though it was years ago, I remember how awful it was getting a driving lesson from my dad. I say “a driving lesson,” because we stopped after one try. It just did not work, we just butted heads. In fact, that experience put me off driving for 3 years. At age 19, I enrolled in Sears Driving School and learned how to drive that way. Much better!

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