Mother Nature is Not Cooperating!

The weather has not been helpful with bike riding.  I have ridden some.  I rode about eight miles today doing a partial commute.  I don’t feel comfortable with portions of my full commute when the roads get slick.

Also, riding a 4-mile one-way trip in 19 degree temperatures is one thing.  Riding the full 16.5 miles is another.

During my ride today, I wore my normal work (dress) clothes.  I just wore boots, hat, gloves, and helmet in addition.  I changed into my shoes at work.  Very easy, very simple.

I’m doing the same ride tomorrow, but that really doesn’t add much mileage.  So, the RCCS is holding a ride Sunday (Valentine’s Day), and I’ll be riding that.  The weather will probably be less than ideal, but that’s one thing that makes RCCS rides interesting.  🙂