Riding in the Snow

Riding in the snow is fun.  It’s ice you have to worry about.

The winter storm that passed through last night and this morning dumped several inches before I even got out of bed.  My daughter and I took a short ride around the neighborhood right after the plow went by.  The road surface was still covered, but not too deep.  Riding through the deep snow in the driveway was amusing.

I convinced my daughter to go into town with me, so we went back home, I switched bikes, and we both grabbed helmets.

We ran a few errands and stopped at a coffee shop to warm up.  The main roads were still quite snow covered at this point.  We went home, and my daughter made some “snow ice cream“.

I had one other errand I had forgotten earlier, so I packed up and headed out again, alone this time.  By now the roads were mostly just slush.  I’m really glad the LHT has fenders.

I finished my errands and had an enjoyable day.  It was much better than sitting indoors the whole day, and we didn’t fall on any ice.

7 thoughts on “Riding in the Snow”

  1. Good looking water bottle on that LHT, David! Thanks!

    I didn’t manage to ride to work in the snow today–opted to drive instead, partly because I was late getting going this morning. I’m off for a couple days, so maybe Friday!

  2. We got 13 inches of snow here. It looks pretty, and adds makes for a better workout during my walks to and from the train. I can’t imagine riding a bike in it, though! You are brave. Your girl is adorable! What a sweet face she has.

  3. Tom,
    I hadn’t ridden to work at all until today (Thursday), and that was only a partial ride from four miles out.

    Yep, that’s Dawn. She cut her hair a few days ago, and due to the lighting it makes her look about 12. Pretty funny to tease her about it.

    I like riding short distances in the snow (much like I did on the day of this post), but I really don’t want to ride my full 16.5 miles commute that way. 🙂 I’m not brave, just careful.

    My daughter, Dawn, is a great kid. She just turned 18 in December. She’s doing really well in her senior year of high school, and is making plans for college.

  4. Super to hear she has plans for college I think she looks great.. Shes just a pretty girl and looks so much different now.

  5. Thanks all, for the comments. =]
    I would also like to thank you for supporting my father in his crazy awesomeness. I am very proud of all that he has accomplished, he has inspired me to do great things with my life.

    also check out my blog, dawncrowell.com.

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