My New Diet Is Working

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my new eating habits are based upon the paleodiet.  Although it took some initial getting used to, I now feel pretty good, and the weight loss has continued.  My weight this morning was 205.0 lbs.  That’s the lowest since August.

The advantages of this diet:

  • No counting calories or restricting myself
  • Better for long-term health (supposedly)
  • I can have a juicy hamburger, without the bread, or big piece of meat

The disadvantages:

  • Finding a restaurant to eat at is difficult
  • Cooking is required much more often (rather than convenience foods)
  • Initially I had a lack of energy and carb cravings; that has passed
  • It can be more expensive to eat this way
  • There is a long list of items that shouldn’t be consumed, including beer.

Once my lack of energy subsided, I was able to ride my bike to work and back again.  I rode the full way on Monday, the full way there (but got a ride home) on Tuesday.  Wednesday I drove.  Thursday I rode a partial-commute each way.  Today, I’m driving because of weather.