Rest in Peace Michael

I went to bed early tonight, but was woken by a call from my brother’s wife, Sondra.  I’ve only met Sondra a couple of times.  My brother and I have not been close in years. My brother, Michael Crowell, passed away today.

Michael in 2004

Michael was my little brother.  As we grew, that phrase became comical, as he got much bigger than I, in both height and weight.  We fought a lot, as brothers do, but mostly we just grew apart as we took very different paths in life.

His path led him to drugs and run-ins with the law.  He had recently gone clean due to health issues, and his new wife, Sondra, pushing him to clean up his act.

The two of them were homeless recently, but were staying with her family in Rochester Indiana.  I had no idea he was even in the area.

He had a seizure, and never came out of it.  Sondra called me, obviously shaken.  She doesn’t know how to handle the arrangements, neither do I.  As I write this, his body is in a hospital in Rochester.  I hope his spirit, soul, or whatever it is that makes us human is at peace.

Michael and I in 1986.

6 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Michael”

  1. I’m sorry, David. It’s sad that your brother took the turns he took, but it’s also sad that he’s gone, regardless of how close (or not) you were.

  2. Dave, I am speachless! I would pick up the phone and give you a call but it is going on midnight and you have been woken up once already tonight.

    Rest in peace Michael & May you be in a comfortable place!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. What a tragedy to die so young. I’m sure you have some good memories of your brother from when you were kids. Peace to you and your family.

  4. I havent read your blog in a while and I come in to see this. I am so sorry for your loss he was a okay guy or at least when I met him. I feel for you. I lost a relative on Saturday.. My dads uncle.

    So sorry david.

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