6 thoughts on “My Commute Is Better Than Your Commute”

  1. A+ entry. Slice of life in the midst of a bunch of pleasure rides.

    and you might be right. my commute is always dark.

  2. It was a beautiful ride, and I really enjoyed the commute today (both ways). It was dark on the way home, and there were flurries.

    The subject of the post is meant to compare my bicycle commute with the car-commute of the majority.

  3. Beautiful! I live in the middle of Chicago, so those pictures look like peace and quiet to me. I like it when the clouds look like fake mountains, too. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new bike!

  4. Yup, you’re right. Your commute makes my commute look like a chump, even though I commute by bike, too (four words: Bardstown. Road. Rush. Hour.
    (=:o <– that's me, after some cat in an SUV blows by me at Mach 6. Please note my helmet standing on top of my hair, which is standingon end 😀 I really need to leave home earlier — like 6, AM. maybe?) 🙂

    Beautiful photos. I love your blog.

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