30 Miles

I figured a 35-mile ride with the SIW would be a good way to spend some time on a Saturday.  The ride started in Sellersburg, so I figured I’d ad another 15 miles by riding to and from the ride.

I rode to Sellersburg, and met up with the other riders.  I had only ever met one of them before.  For the first few miles I kept up with the fast group.  I started losing ground on them, then rode alone.  I was going to finish the ride, but I was hungry, so I turned for home.  I got in a total of 30 miles, and I really feel like I put the new bike through it’s paces.

The ride seemed to turn out similar to my first group ride, which was with the SIW also.

Ignore the ugly, horribly mounted rack in the picture.  I borrowed that one (spray painted!) from my daughter’s bike until I get my new rack.



4 thoughts on “30 Miles”

  1. that rack *is* almost an insult. I like the rest of it though. I read the “first group ride” link. Man, that sounds as familiar as ever.

  2. nice work. sounds like a good ride. you should consider adjusting your rear rack so that it’s level. it will make your LHT handle much better with panniers, since it will centre the load over the rear axle, rather than hanging off the back.

  3. Dan,

    The rear rack in that picture is already in the trash. I pulled it off of my daughter’s bike as a temporary measure.

    I’m getting an Axiom Odyssee rear rack, and the Surly front rack installed at the LBS. I should have the bike back Wednesday.

    I’ll have pictures of the finished bike soon.

  4. I’ve had similar experiences with group rides. I’ve only done a few, and a couple have been good, but usually I’m just not in sync with the rest of the riders.

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