Cold Ride to Begin the Year

Tim and I met up on the first of January (yesterday) for a hilly 40-mile route through Hoosier National Forest.  The ride started with temperatures in the teens, which later climbed into the low 20s.

This was probably the most difficult 40-mile ride I’ve ever done.  The hills were unrelenting.  Even with chemical warmers in my gloves and boots, I had issues staying warm enough.

Tim wrote about it here.  I’m just including some pictures.

3 thoughts on “Cold Ride to Begin the Year”

  1. Tim,

    Yep, it will be more fun on the LHT… I’ll have lower gears. 🙂


    By the time I get home from work today, I’ll have more miles in for January than I did in all of December, so, yes, it was good to get out.

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