Lifestyle Change – Redux

After re-reading my previous post about the year in review, I realize the problem.

I started a true lifestyle change back in 2007.   The changes were drastic, but effective.  I lost weight, and got much more fit.  The changes centered around eating sensibly and getting exercise.

I realize that although I’m still much healthier and fit than I was when I started, my eating habits have slipped  gradually back to horrible.  Overall, I’m still doing well due to the exercise I get but I need another lifestyle change.

I’m considering a six-day diet.  A strict low-carb diet six days per week, then eat what I want on the seventh.  This will allow me to lose weight, yet still go out with Kristy for dinner, or have a beer or three.

The low-carb, high-fat, high-protein diet is a bit controversial, but will be easier to fit-in with Kristy’s cooking habits.  It’s also similar to what I was eating during my best period of weight loss.

I still need to track everything I eat, and weigh regularly.   Both of those things mostly disappeared for the month of December.

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