Snowy Morning Commute

I’m not a big fan of snow, but the little bit in the grass this morning doesn’t bother me.  The roads were mostly clear.

The snow did help put me in a more festive spirit, which matched the Christmas lights I put on my bike yesterday.  My daughter snapped a couple of pictures before I left.  One is with the flash, my reflective bits are very visible, but the Christmas lights aren’t.  The other is without the flash, but the lights are very visible.  Either way, motorists should be able to see me.

Still Struggling

I’m still not losing much weight, mostly because I’m still eating too much.  We had a birthday party for my daughter on Saturday, and I consumed way too much food.  I need to stop doing that.

8 thoughts on “Snowy Morning Commute”

  1. Very cool! You’re a traveling light show.

    Putting a curb on the eating is the hardest part of this battle, I know. My weight loss has trickled down to .5 lbs. per week through this holiday season, but I am thrilled about that. I usually pack on 8 to 10 lbs. between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The fact that I am losing anything at all is another Christmas miracle!

  2. Gee thats the most funniest thing I ever seen 🙂 I would be embarrassed sorry to say. Soooo better you than me.

  3. The weight will melt away in time. I can testify to that. As a matter of fact, I have been riding for 7 years and have already lost two lbs.

  4. Elizabeth,
    I’ve quit weighing myself recently. I’m not updating this blog as often. I’m busy, Kristy is home, and healthy eating isn’t always possible. I’m still not gaining weight, so that’s a plus. Congratulations on your progress.

    Once you dress for comfort (bicycling tights or shorts), warmth (lots of layers, balaclava, etc), visibility (reflective vest), and protection (helmet) you look goofy enough that adding some Christmas lights just doesn’t matter anymore. Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter. 🙂

    Heh! Yep, that’s where I’m heading too.

  5. John’s comment made me laugh out loud! I’m glad Kristy is home with you for the holidays, Dave, you guys enjoy yourselves! I think it’s going to be a great, healthy new year for all of us.

  6. Folks, I apologize my husband hasn’t posted lately… I started playing with facebook and David followed suit. I hadn’t looked at his blog lately because I’ve been getting the updates in person so to speak. I was shocked at the lack of input! I called out his name across the kitchen (as he’s doing dishes)in a fierce tone and pointed at my computer screen. Somehow he knew exactly what I meant! This will be rectified very shortly as he needs your continued support in the comments you send his way. I’m not always here but his computer is…. (weird way to look at it but it’s true).

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