50-Mile Friday

Tim came over for a ride today to burn off some Thanksgiving calories.  I really didn’t eat much yesterday, but made up for it post-ride today.

I planned the route, but we missed a turn somewhere near Clark State Forest.  It didn’t take us long to get back on track, and it changed our overall mileage by less that 1/2 mile.

This is the route we actually took:

Download file: 2009-11-27.gpx

The first half of the route was just rolling hills from Charlestown to Borden.  We had a bit of a headwind, but knew that it would help on the return trip.

We climbed up Jackson Rd to head out of Borden.  This climb averages a 11% grade and briefly hits 16%.  It was at this point that the wind was no longer slowing us down.

We rode along the top a ridge for a while, which gave some beautiful views.  Eventually we realized we made a wrong turn, but continued along until we came to Pixley Knob Rd.  This led to an extremely fast descent coming out of the knobs.

We rode to Henryville for our store stop, then it was just more rolling hills to get back.

It was quite cold.  This was my first cold ride of the year.  I’ve had rides that started cold, but this one didn’t really warm up.  I was dressed for it, but I’d rather be warmer.

After getting home, I ran a few errands on the bike then over to Charlestown Pizza for a pizza and too much wonderful beer.  After riding, eating, and drinking, I took a nap.


2 thoughts on “50-Mile Friday”

  1. Pictures…
    1 and 2 The start of Knobstone Trail off of Wilson Switch Rd.

    3 Dale Nunn’s grandfather’s barn just about a half of a mile from the first picture.

    4 Taken on Haywood Rd just pass the Community Church with the two story house to the left, just outside of the frame and looking straight at the Borden post office.

    5 Same spot on Haywood Rd, if you were to walk pass the bike you would end up in the creek.

    6 Looking up Jackson Rd hill, right behind Borden High School.

    7 This one is a little bit of a guess, but I would say it was taken from Jackson Rd looking back over Borden just before the back entrance to Top of the Rock.

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