Shifted Priorities

I started bicycling to lose weight.  It stands to reason that I ride to lose weight.  That used to be the case.

Now I ride because I enjoy it.  It’s a way to relieve stress, keep me fit(ter), and still allows me to play with gadgets.  My gadgets are now mechanical instead of electronic.

I’ve realized that my weight loss has become secondary to riding a bike.  I’m disappointed that I can only ride one day (tomorrow) out of my three-day work week next week due to other obligations.

I only managed one ride in the last week, a 50-miler with Tim.  I even pretended to be on a single-speed, by not shifting (for most of the ride anyway).  Tim was riding his QuickBeam, which is a beautiful single-speed bike, but I’m not currently looking to have a dedicated single-speed bike.

Why am I up at midnight now, when I have to get up at 5:30 to prepare for the ride in?  I’m planning and scheming in my head.  I’m trying to figure out how to come up with the money for my next bike.  It’s a sickness.  🙂

Why a new bike?  Why a Surly LHT?

  • I want to start touring.  I hope to ride to Michigan next year.
  • Touring bikes make great commuter bikes.
  • The Atlantis is too expensive.
  • I carry a lot of stuff on my commute.  I’ve been ridiculed for how much I carry.  A touring bike can carry more.
  • I’m not convinced I need a recumbent, and I rarely ride mine now.
  • My current upright bike, Nermal, is a low quality bike, with a lot of money put into it.  I have more upgrades I want to do, but should probably put them on a new bike.
  • Upgrades?
    • Better rack
    • Wider tires
    • Front rack
    • Dynohub lighting system

A quality bike like this is one I can have for the rest of my life.  It’ll cost some money, but nothing compared to my used truck.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still want to lose weight.  I’m still watching what I eat.  I still hop on the scale nearly every morning.  I just want to ride a bike even more than I want to lose weight.

5 thoughts on “Shifted Priorities”

  1. David we are lucky in the UK the government run a cycle to work scheme where you can buy a bike and the cost is taken monthly out of your salary for 12 months and is taken out pre tax. you can spend up to £1000 I purchased a felt F95 which cost £650 and i will pay about £420, all they state is you use your bike for 50% of the time for commuting, its a no brainer and you can sell the bike after a year and buy another new one, its about the only thing Gordon Brown has got right here, check it out at

  2. #1 Great post Dave. If you can manage you’d love a Trucker.

    #2 Mark, I’m envious. I would ride a fixed-gear bmx trike to take advantage of something like that.

    #3 Dave, you know the weight thing. You’ve done it. Slow and steady and consistent

  3. I passed on the LHT for a REI Randonee. It has worked out great for touring and it’s under a grand.

    Once you start touring, I know you will be hooked. I do one every year now. A week to 10 days.

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