Daily Weighing Keeps Me Focused

Now that I’m weighing myself daily again, and tracking my calorie consumption, I’ve noticed that it’s easier to say “no” to extra snacks.  Keeping my weight loss in my thoughts more often leads me in the right direction.

That’s just one of those simple things that is easy to forget.

2 thoughts on “Daily Weighing Keeps Me Focused”

  1. It’s really amazing, isn’t it? Success feeds on itself, and once you get a few good days in, it can become almost effortless to stick to your healthy plan. Just think, on January 1st when the rest of the world is starting to battler the 5 to 10 lbs. put on over the holidays, you will be ahead of the game!

  2. Yes it is amazing. Not only does watching my progress foster more progress, but it reminds me of what I have accomplished. The fact I’ve been in a minor setback for a good part of this year is dwarfed by what I have done.

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