I’ve been eating too much.  Riding my bike 100+ miles a week isn’t enough to keep my weight under control with my current caloric intake.

I hadn’t been posting my weight for a while, I have now.  I’m also back to tracking my food.  I need to take control again.  Losing the last 35 lbs seems near-impossible.

I did go on an awesome Friday night “Brew Cruise” with Tim, Ben, Chaz, and Kristin.  It was a shortish ride, but I had ridden to work that day, then had to ride home.  I made it home just before 2:00 a.m.  Granted, we did have five stops along the route, and spent some time at each.

Saturday was spent at home doing housework.

On Sunday, I met up with Tim and Dale for a 45- mile ride in Oldham county.  I really enjoyed the ride, other than a painful issue with my ankle.  I think I caused that Saturday by smacking my ankle on the laundry hamper.  (Maybe I shouldn’t walk around the house without shoes?).  Dale hosted the ride, and provided a nice selection of beer for after the ride.

2 thoughts on “Gah!”

  1. I went over to the other blog to read about your brew cruise. That sounds like so much fun! Like you said, though, lots ‘o calories. You have to eat pretty lean for a few days to break even!

    I’m doing very well, down 40 lbs. I feel great, it’s amazing how much more energy I have. I don’t collapse into the lazyboy when I get home from work any more!

  2. I am eating lean again. I’m not riding this week to give my ankle a break. If I continue eating like I was, and not ride, that’s just waiting for a disaster. 🙂

    It’s been too long since I lost any weight. I really miss the way it feels. I’ll get there again.

    Congrats on the progress. Keep going. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

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