Did I Mention I’m Hard on Bikes?

I wasn’t planning on riding to work today, but with the copious amounts of calories consumed over the weekend, I rearranged my week a bit, and rode to work today.

Nermal’s bottom bracket has been a bit loose recently, and had been submerged in mud not long ago.  On the ride in this morning the cranks were especially loose, and I was having shifting issues.  I made it in to work, but immediately took my bike down to the shop.

Well, the bottom bracket is destroyed.  The shifting issue was just a derailleur adjustment.  Oh, and after 2500 miles, the chain is worn.

I really didn’t want to spend more money on this bike.  I plan to replace it with a Surly LHT, but I don’t have the money for that now.

I had to catch a ride home from a co-worker, and I really do need to drive the next two days, but I hope to ride on Thursday and Friday.