Car-Free Future?

My wife and I had a discussion the other day about being a one-car household.  The idea is to get rid of her car, and she would drive the truck.  I could ride my bike to work most days, or carpool with her when I need to.  If she’s out of town for work, I would have the truck if I need it.

The only problem with this is my laziness.  I drove to work on Monday and Tuesday.  I did ride yesterday and today, but when I shower in the morning, I’m trying to come up with reasons to not ride the full commute.

My new route has made the commute less stressful and my recent lack of weight loss are both good motivators, but I’m guess I’m a generally lazy person.  Only having one car available could give me another reason to ride my bike.

I still have a long-term goal of selling the house, and moving closer to work, then I could truly never drive again.  In the meantime I need to be less lazy.

2 thoughts on “Car-Free Future?”

  1. Hi,

    This is a very good idea. We have only one car between us, and it has saved us a heap of money. I live a 22km commute from work (sometimes 15km, depending on the site im at), and commuting by bike everyday is the best thing i’ve ever done. Having no car is just more motivation, and you won’t regret it.



  2. Jenn and I have two cars (well, one is a small truck, but you know that). There are few times that we both drive to work, but they happen. Those times, it’s about as likely that she would need to have her car to go to some off-site meeting the same day as I’m hauling a load of something to or from the house as part of my commute.

    We still both prefer to ride bikes to work.

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