Another Bicycle Commuter With a Blog

Shortly after leaving work on my bike today, I ran into Kirk Kandle.  He’s another bike-commuter, but he took it a step further and went car-free last month.

Recently, he’s been interviewing other “Invisible Bicyclists”.  He’s trying to call attention to distracted motorists who don’t notice us.  He’s also trying to show that bicycles aren’t just toys, but a valid method of transportation.  He does this while keeping a positive outlook.  I applaud him for that.

I recognized him, and went out of my way to talk to him.  He asked a few questions, and took a few pictures.  Expect to see me on his blog soon.

2 thoughts on “Another Bicycle Commuter With a Blog”

  1. I should have mentioned his blog to you weeks ago, David! I’ve been reading him for a while. He even mentioned me (I think) in one of his lists of “invisible cyclists.” That alone was funny to me if you think about how I’ve done stuff to make it not invisible, but even so…

    I had a near miss with a school bus this morning!

  2. David,
    Many thanks for stopping to talk with me. Your photo is posted today on my blog,, and syndicated on

    You’re a living testimony to the health benefits of bicycling. A lot of people have no idea that something as much fun as a bike could lower your heart risk by 50 percent! Way to go!

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