Sunday Ride and ‘Cross Race

I wanted a to spend some time on the bike today.  Tim agreed to meet me for a ride after watching the USGP Derby City Cup on River Rd.

I rode from home in Charlestown toward Louisville, but I didn’t want to take my normal commute route, so I just headed out without a plan, but with my GPS.  It was a longer, hillier, and more scenic route.

When I got to the Second St. Bridge to cross into Kentucky, the bridge was closed for a charity walk.  There were thousands of people walking on the bridge.  There were no alternate routes, so I walked my bike with them across the bridge.

When I arrived at the race, the women were racing.  After a while the “Elite Men” class began the race.  A ‘cross race is all about mud.  (There used to be pictures in here, but they’re gone)

After watching the last race, Tim and headed out for a ride, then parted ways downtown.  I enjoyed the urban portion of my ride also.

I headed back into Indiana where I had a quick (and greasy) meal, and meandered back north toward home.

I took a different route home, but still stayed on roads that were considered rural not long ago, but have since had many subdivisions spring up, which adds to the traffic.  It was dark as I neared Charlestown, but my lights work well.

I got home with another 53 miles under my belt.  I also think I have a new route for my commute.  It adds a few miles and some hills, but should be much more pleasant.  We’ll see what traffic is like on on Monday morning as compared to a Sunday evening.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Ride and ‘Cross Race”

  1. My wife and several ladies from Church where on the bridge, Breast Cancer walk. This is here 7th year I think.

    It was sure a pretty day, good to see you enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

  2. It was a beautiful day. I stand out well walking in a crowd when I’m walking my recumbent bike. I only ran into one person I know, a girl who used to go to school with my daughter.

  3. I told my wife last night about you being on the bridge and she asked me if you where pushing one of those bikes with a seat that lets you “setup on and ride”. She saw you on the bridge.

    Small world.

  4. No I don’t think she talked to you, but one of her group may have. They all had brown long sleeve shirts with “Rock Springs” on the back.

    The information detailing the walk was on the front of the shirts in pink.

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