The Perfect Sh*t Storm

I’ve mentioned that my life has been a little crazy recently.  My work life got a lot crazier on Monday the 5th.  I still rode to work 4 days that week, and rode home 3.  I wimped out one day and got a ride.  I drove one day because I needed my truck.

The week starting on the 12th was a little crazier.  I still managed to ride to work and back 3 days.

Why could this affect my riding?

  • I spend an extra 1.5 hours per day commuting when I ride
  • I have less physical energy
  • I have less mental energy after an extended amount of bicycle commuting
  • I need more sleep when I ride a lot
  • My weekends have been busy with personal errands and tasks (such as moving Kristy’s stuff into the house)

This past week, I had enough, and I was exhausted.  I still rode on Tuesday, but that was it.  I paid $8.75 per day to park for 4 days, and drove my truck.

I’ve been so busy, I’ve been running and doing something from the moment I wake up, until I get to sleep at night.  Some of it is work, some of it is moving Kristy’s stuff, some of it is normal domestic crap.  Oh, yeah, Kristy is out of town, so she’s not here to help.  I’m not blaming her, she wishes she could be here.  I also have my younger teenage daughter living here and increasing the stress level.

On Monday I applied a software update that has led to a work-week-long pain in the @ss.  This coincided with two other screw-ups (one of which is partially my fault).

On top of this, I had to come up with a fat chunk of money for a lawyer.  I’ve got some legal issues to deal with.  It’s just a “family law” matter, nobody is in trouble or anything.  🙂

So, it’s late on a Friday night.  I can’t mentally let go of the issues at work, so I can’t sleep.  I can’t fix the issues at work until at least Monday.  I have to get up early tomorrow to finish up at Kristy’s old apartment.

On the bright side, I will be done at the apartment tomorrow.  I’m going to try for a bike ride on Sunday.  I think I’m going to get back on the bike for full-time commuting again on Monday.

I don’t know who said it, but the phrase “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” applies perfectly.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Sh*t Storm”

  1. I believe the quote is most often attributed to John Lennon.

    Sorry that life has been getting in your way. Hopefully things will find a tolerable equilibrium soon.

  2. Luck!!!!!!! It sounds like our “soccer/brokentruck/school/work/insurance/etc” situation we’re in. Head up and get a ride in. I got 25m in yesterday

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