I Haven’t Fallen Off The Earth

I’ve had a very busy two weeks.  Work has been busy.  I’ve been moving Kristy’s stuff from her apartment.  I will continue to be busy for a while now.

I rode to work 4 days last week (3.5 commutes due to getting a ride home one day).  I did three full commutes this week, but won’t be riding tomorrow as I need my truck for some errands.  I did ride with Tim on Saturday for the Fuck Gas 40oz Fun Run.  Tim wrote about it here.

I’m not gaining weight anymore, but I’m not really losing either.  I’m still eating too much on average.

Biking and moving things are my only exercises recently.  I still need more upper-body exercise, but at least my shoulder isn’t bothering me much now.

3 thoughts on “I Haven’t Fallen Off The Earth”

  1. I hope you guys are doing well. I am a little blue, as I always am when summer ends. I think I am going to get one of those light boxes and see if it helps with my seasonal depression. You’re supposed to let the light shine in your eyes for 30 minutes after getting up in the morning. I have a latte and read blogs before work every morning, so I will set it up next to my computer and let it shine.

    In exercise news, I have lost enough weight that I comfortably do step aerobics again! I am excited about that. I have a lot of VCR tapes, so I dusted off the old VCR and popped in a tape. I like being able to work out in my living room instead of going to a gym.

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Elizabeth,

    Thanks! I’ve been busy, and Kristy is out of town until the end of November, but we’re hanging in there.

    I have fewer problems with seasonal depression now that I ride a bike. I think that being outdoors, even in the winter, and getting sunlight and fresh air is a good thing. Then again, I live a bit further south than you. I didn’t always though.

    I did read your last blog entry about the rude driver. I read them all… except the gardening ones. I’m not really into gardening.

    The rude drivers are rude to everyone. They’re not just rude to pedestrians or bicyclists. They’ll cut you off when you’re driving a bigger vehicle also. There’s something about people that changes when behind the wheel. I used to be that way, but bicycling has changed that. Some of my cycling friends admit to still being very impatient drivers.

    I’ve recently taken to wearing earplugs on my commute. It’s probably not legal, but it is safe. I can hear fine. I’m not listening to music with earbuds, just deadening the noise a little with cheap foam earplugs. It is much less jarring when a truck honks at me. The earplugs have the added benefit of keeping cold air out of my ears so that I don’t suffer from earaches as often.

    You blog post makes it sound like you are beginning to hate humanity. Don’t do that for the few idiots. They are in the minority.

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