3.5 Commutes?

I rode to work four days this week.  I got a ride home today, so I only rode home three days.  I guess that’s 3.5 commutes.  I didn’t commute by bike at all on Wednesday (the day with the best weather), but I did take a trip to the grocery store.  So I was on the bike all five workdays.

I have an extremely busy weekend planned, but I still want to get a few miles in.  I’m hoping to squeeze in an evening ride with Tim on Saturday.  It may even be this crazy bunch.  On Sunday I’m planning on attending the Harvest Homecoming ride.  My daughter may, or may not, come with for this ride.

I feel pretty good about the last five days.  I’ve been riding more, sleeping well, and (mostly) eating better.  My weight is slowly heading in the right direction.  I’ve been more productive in spite of the chaos surrounding my life right now.

One thought on “3.5 Commutes?”

  1. Dave, I’m glad things are going well for you in the health and fitness department! You got on your bike every day, and that’s great. We had a nice weekend camping and bike riding in southern Illinois. I rode 20 miles, Dan rode 30 miles. Not too shabby considering it’s the second time I’ve been on my bike this year! We had a great time, the Tunnel Hill trail is very cool. It has a long tunnel that you ride through, and it’s very strange because you lose all your equilibrium in the dark. This time I was able to make it through without stopping to walk my bike — a major accomplishment! I had nobody in front of me, so I was able to keep my eyes on the “light at the end of the tunnel”. I hope you got some good riding in this weekend.

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