Foot Update, and Riding My Bike

There was nothing broken in my foot.  The doctor seems to think it’s strain from my 150-mile ride combined with moving stuff from Kristy’s old apartment.

It was feeling better on Saturday, so my daughter and I went on an 11-mile, slow-paced ride.  I was very careful on how I used that foot, and all was well.

I did a lot of yard work on Sunday, again being careful on my foot.

I woke up this morning with no foot pain.  I rode Nermal into work at a brisk pace, and probably overdid it a little.  I’m having some minor discomfort.  I’ll be sure to be more careful on the way home.

One thought on “Foot Update, and Riding My Bike”

  1. I hope you foot is on the mend! We’ll be doing some riding in southern Illinois this weekend, on the Tunnel Hill Trail that runs from Harrisburg to Vienna. It’s 45 miles, but we’ll only be doing about 20. We don’t ride much, so I’m not going to try to tackle the whole thing in one day. On Saturday night we’ll camp in the Shawnee National forest. It’s going to be a chilly night in the tent! I hope you have a good weekend planned.

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