Settling In

Kristy, my shiny new wife, has moved in.  Her job has transferred, and we can even do some car-pooling.

We’ve still got of stuff to move from her old apartment, but we’re getting to it.  Although we’re probably still going out to eat too often, we are splitting meals now which is better for the wallet and the gut.

I’ve worked three days this week.  On Wednesday I drove to work.  Thursday and Friday (today) I rode the bike into work, but Kristy picks me up after work.  That seems to work out well.

I’ve been riding Nermal.  Oria needs some work on the wheels, and should probably have the bearings cleaned and regreased after the sand and saltwater spray in Florida.

I am disappointed with my weight.  I’ve been above 210 lbs all of this month, and part of last.  I had been down below 198 as recently as July.

Kristy is supportive of my weight loss and bike riding.  She kicked me out of bed this morning so that I had time to ride.  I love her for that.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Settling In”

  1. yes, you’re up a bit, but you’re still down a LARGE(opposite of bit). Keep ’em running. Tell Kristy I said “hi”, and it’s great news that she was able to transfer.

  2. “My shiny new wife” made me laugh out loud! I’m glad things are going well for you guys, and that Kristy was able to transfer. What does she do for work?

    Good for you for riding to work as much as you can — the snow will be flying soon enough 🙁

    I’m doing great with Weight Watchers, 34 lbs. and counting. I am adding some DVD workout sessions to my daily walking. Gotta keep the old bones moving……..

  3. Congratulations on your “shiny new wife” and the weightloss so far. I’ve followed your blog almost since the beginning and you have motivated me to become more active. But most of all, you’ve made weightloss a do-able thing for me. It really is all about lifestyle and making lasting changes. Thanks David. I hope you and Kristy have a long happy life together.

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