Wedding Day

Kristy and I were married yesterday, 9/12/09.  The weather was wonderful, the sun came out just for us.

A few friends and family members gathered on the beach for the fun, relaxed ceremony.

We kept the ceremony simple (about as simple as driving to Florida can be). We had a reception at a local restaurant. We were surprised with a phenomenal beach-themed wedding cake.

Most of our honeymoon is actually a pre-wedding adventure. I’ll be back at work later in the week. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ll have more pictures and stories to share.

As far as weight loss…. What weight loss?

My last ride as a single man
First married kiss
Pretty cake

7 thoughts on “Wedding Day”

  1. Awesome Congrats. You look happy which is spectacular. You finally found the happiness you were missing for oh so long! Congrats.

    Note to Christy. You better treat him well. Although you seem pretty nice I guess I should be telling him that! LOL.

    You Better Treat her good man! Congrats you 2

  2. A really big congrats Dave!! I know you’re excited and I congratulate Kristy too. I hope she can put up with your biking.

    Hope you have time for something this Fall. My commuting is steady but the longer rides have disappeared.

  3. Best wishes on many years of happiness and companionship! Your wedding looks like it was joyous and relaxing, just perfect. I love the cake, too — very cool!

    I’m so happy for you both, ain’t love grand?

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