Oh No, Yo Yo

This year has not been good for my weight loss.  I haven’t been weighing regularly recently, and I’ve been eating poorly too often.  I stepped on the scale this morning, and was horrified to see the scale at 215.0 lbs.

215 lbs is about what I weighed back in January.  I’m going to have to really push hard to get back under 200 lbs by the end of the year.  I’m going to Florida in less than a week.  I have another conference to attend in October in St. Louis.  I need to learn better eating habits when travelling.

For now, I’m back at home, and will be back on the bike.  I’ve got some good food around the house, and need to watch how much of it I eat.

6 thoughts on “Oh No, Yo Yo”

  1. Yikes! It’s amazing how quickly the weight comes back on, isn’t it? Now that you’re home you should be able to get some control over your eating, and that weight will come off quickly. Good luck!

    We have enjoyed gorgeous weather in Chicago this weekend, cool and sunny. I got a lot of work accomplished in the garden. I hope you were able to get out on your bike and enjoy it if you had good weather.

    I’m down 31 lbs. now, and I can’t believe how much better I feel. I hope you can get back on track.

  2. You can do this, David. I lost a lot of my weight while having to travel a lot, so I know how it feels to be on a diet, while going to restaurants all the time. Not easy.
    But you can do it. Once you get the first few bites of whatever you order into your mouth, much of the hunger (or cravings) are gone, and the regret starts.
    I got into the habit of starting out with a salad, dressing on the side. I would dip the fork into the dressing, then take the lettuce. I barely ate any dressing at all.
    Then I would order something grilled–chicken, steak, salmon, pork–anything at all, with a baked potato, dry. Once I lit into the grilled meat, and took a few bites of potato, I was already starting to feel full.
    And remember–as soon as you begin to feel full, stop eating. You can get back below 200 easily.

  3. Thanks, both of you.

    I rode to work today. It was quite chilly!

    I’ve eaten well and I’m taking control again.

    I didn’t intend to eat well while in San Antonio. I planned to enjoy myself, and I did. I regret that decision now.

    The weight gain started a while ago. I really haven’t lost weight since March. I need to get busy.

    I’ll be in Florida soon (getting married on the 12th), but I’m going to put more effort into eating healthy while I’m there. I’m also bringing a bike.

  4. Just stopping by to say hang in there after reading the last 2 posts. My wife and I have the same problem when we go away on vacations and trips. We try to limit the damage by picking our meals really wisely. We’ll eat really light and skip the breakfast buffets at hotels etc…, (sometimes even taking a bit of our own food to make sure we always have a decent choice available). Then we’ll ‘reward’ ourselves with one really great meal a day.

  5. Dave,

    I’m driving to Florida in one day. It was going to be today, it’s been bumped until tomorrow.

    When we get there we’re not staying in a hotel. We’re staying somewhere with actual cooking facilities, so that will help.

    I’m also going to make the bicycle my main mode of transportation while I’m there.

    Although we will be going to restaurants, If we can continue to split a meal, it should work well.

  6. I just saw your other post and wondered to myself how you were going to get bicycles to Florida… The driving makes sense.

    Congratulations and enjoy the trip!

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