It Needs to Be More Than Commuting

I haven’t done much bike riding other than to work and back.  I haven’t even done enough of that.

My commute is mostly flat and can be high-stress due to traffic.  So tonight, I went for a nine-mile spin in the country after dark.  My lights lit up the cats, skunks, bats, and even a frog along the road.  The night insect noises and the whir of my tires were the only noises.  There were a few hills to challenge my legs a bit more than usual.

There was some distant lightning that was my cue to keep the ride short.  I really wasn’t in the mood to get stuck in a thunderstorm.  I’m now home, and the lightning is still distant, so I could have probably squeezed a few more miles in, but I’m happy with the ride I had.

Although short, this was the best ride I’ve had in a while.  It does wonders for clearing the mind.

4 thoughts on “It Needs to Be More Than Commuting”

  1. Jenn and I went out for a couple of miles last night as well. Probably not as far, and certainly more urban, but it was nice to just wander around the neighborhood for a bit.

  2. The short rides are great when that’s all you can get. My life is crazy now, and I have little time. Sneaking out for 40 minutes is almost always possible.

    I’m flying to San Antonio on Sunday and I don’t have the money to rent a bike while I’m there. I posted on BikeForums about borrowing a bike, but no responses, so I guess I’ll play pedestrian for a few days.

    I’m driving down to Florida next month for my wedding, and I’m taking the recumbent. I’m planning a 40-mile ride along Highway 1A from Cocoa Beach Florida, so that should be fun (and flat!).

  3. It’s been a while Dave. It’s time for another “adventure”. ‘course, seeing that schedule (TX,FL) makes it a bit more daunting.

    I’m sort of the same as you. Commuting’s been great (9 of last 10 days), but long rides have disappeared. could make Family Camp 110 a challenge. I’m having 2nd/3rd thoughts.

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