Recumbent Madness

I rode Oria, my recumbent to work today, and it felt wonderful to be back on the bike.  I had forgotten that today was our company picnic.  After eating too much, throwing water balloons, and playing cornhole, I decided that to bring my “weird bike” out would be entertaining.

Several people rode it around, only one crash, and no injuries.  🙂  I think several people just found out today that I ride my bike to work.

Most people have a really positive opinion when they see a recumbent.  Nobody thought it was silly.  We even have one “go-fast roadie” type who was impressed with the bike.

One thought on “Recumbent Madness”

  1. I love cornhole! I need to get one of those games for my backyard. I like any kind of game where you’re tossing something — like horseshoes.
    I love to see someone pedaling by on a recumbent bike — there’s just something amusing about them. I’d like to try one some time, it looks like a comfy way to ride.

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